Godrej Kandivali - A promising suburban locale

Located in the suburbs of Mumbai, Kandolee, now known as Kandivali, has evolved into a sought-after locality that beckons homebuyers and investors. Divided into East and West, this thriving neighbourhood is strategically situated, sharing borders with renowned areas like Malad, Andheri, and Borivali.

Kandivali's transformation from a semi-rural agricultural landscape to a cosmopolitan hub is remarkable. Its popularity has surged owing to its proximity to business hubs like Goregaon and Malad, making it one of the most coveted destinations in Mumbai's northern suburbs.

What sets Kandivali apart is the upcoming coastal road project that will reduce travel time to Colaba by nearly 45 minutes and save up to 35% on fuel consumption. This six-lane road with a tunnel in Malabar Hill promises enhanced connectivity and convenience for residents. Kandivali West boasts an extensive road network with Mulund to Goregaon and Malad to Andheri Link Roads, along with the Western Highway. Three flyovers seamlessly connect it to Kandivali East, Borivali, and Poisar. The suburb's efficient rail network and accessibility to major airports, including Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, make it an ideal place to call home.

Stay tuned to explore the tranquil living at Godrej Tranquil, the blissful ambience at Godrej Bliss, luxury living at Godrej Reserve and the cosy comfort at Godrej Nest in this flourishing locale.

Kandivali real estate: A growing investment opportunity

Kandivali is a thriving residential cum industrial locality, predominantly adorned with high-rise residential apartments. Its strategic location adjacent to employment hubs like Malad, Goregaon, and Borivali has fueled its growth, making it a prominent choice among homebuyers and investors.

Kandivali boasts excellent connectivity to various parts of Mumbai through the Western Line, SV Road, New Link Road, and the Western Express Highway. The Andheri-Dahisar Metro further enhances accessibility to Mumbai's airport and other vital areas. With Mumbai International Airport just 12 kilometres away, residents enjoy seamless travel. The proposed Borivali-Thane Twin Tunnel is expected to reduce the travel time by 20 minutes. The upcoming Mumbai Coastal road for Kandivali to Churchgate expects to reduce the travel time further.

The real estate landscape in Kandivali is dynamic, witnessing an average price of ₹17,852 per square foot for multistorey apartments, reflecting a 2.24% increase from the last quarter. Properties for sale in Kandivali typically range from ₹80 lakh to ₹1.8 crore, with 2 BHK apartments being the most sought-after configuration.

Kandivali offers options ranging from ₹20,000 to ₹45,000 for those seeking rental properties. 2 BHK apartments dominate the rental market, constituting approximately half of the available properties. The average rent price for multistorey apartments in Kandivali stands at ₹46 per square foot, reflecting a 4.35% increase from the last quarter. Kandivali's real estate market holds promise for both home seekers and investors, with future growth prospects on the horizon.

Kandivali: An ideal investment destination

Kandivali shines as a prime investment destination within Mumbai, offering a harmonious blend of modern living and a strategic location. To underscore its investment potential, let's delve into the key amenities and infrastructure that make Kandivali a standout choice.

Here's a snapshot of what Kandivali has to offer:

Why invest in Kandivali?

With robust infrastructure, upcoming projects like the Poisar River bridge and the coastal road, and a thriving real estate market, Kandivali is on the cusp of remarkable growth. The area's connectivity to business hubs, proximity to major airports, and flourishing educational and healthcare institutions amplify its investment appeal.

The future outlook for Kandivali's real estate sector shines brightly. As infrastructure development unfolds, both homebuyers and investors stand to benefit, making Kandivali a promising destination to watch out for. Don't miss the chance to be a part of Kandivali's upward trajectory.

Living in Kandivali: The comfortable living experience

Kandivali is an ideal location offering a harmonious and luxurious lifestyle catering to diverse demands. When you contemplate residing in Kandivali, you will find yourself in a promising community designed for urban convenience.

Exploring the property landscape in Kandivali reveals many options to fit your unique preferences. Whether you seek a lavish residence or a cosy home, Kandivali's real estate market boasts diverse offerings, often at competitive and value-driven prices.

  • Seamless connectivity: Getting around in Kandivali is a breeze, thanks to well-planned roads and an efficient public transport system.
  • Educational and healthcare: Institutes like Ryan International School, Lilawati English School, Pioneer School and College, Mother Smile Junior College and top-notch healthcare facilities such as Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Aastha Hospital, Gokul Surgical Maternity etc ensure that quality education and medical services are always within reach.
  • Retail therapy: For avid shoppers, Kandivali offers an array of retail destinations. It offers bustling Raghuleela Mall, Infiniti Mall, Oberoi Mall, Thakur Mall and Growels Mall thus satisfying your shopping desires is never a challenge.

Kandivali is an excellent place to live due to its impressive livability index, excellent social infrastructure, and wide array of amenities. Kandivali has evolved into a thriving community that seamlessly blends modernity with Mumbai's vibrant culture.

Life in Kandivali

Life in Kandivali goes beyond the confines of your home. Explore a lively nightlife, visit art galleries, engage in recreational activities, indulge in retail therapy, and savour diverse culinary experiences. Kandivali's proximity to Mumbai ensures you can enjoy the best of the city while relishing the serene comforts of your home.

Godrej Properties in Kandivali: Enhancing urban living

Godrej Properties is making a significant mark in Kandivali's real estate landscape with its distinctive projects. Their commitment to enhancing urban living while prioritising sustainability and quality is evident in every venture.

This upcoming launch in Kandivali offers 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK flats in Kandivali with a carpet area of 750 Sq Ft to 1950 Sq Ft.

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This new project offers luxury living in a prime Mumbai location. With over 40 lifestyle amenities, it has 1 BHK to 3 BHK apartments for diverse needs.

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A gated community with smart homes and robust security features. It's close to shops, schools, and offices, with easy access to the Western Express Highway and the proposed Metro Train.

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Located in a promising area, it prioritises safety with a 7-tier security system. It offers 1, 2, and 3 BHK residences in four towers.

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These projects reflect Godrej Properties' vision for better urban living in Kandivali, focusing on comfort, convenience, and security. Explore the possibilities and experience Kandivali's charm with Godrej Properties.

For more on these projects and updates on Godrej Kandivali, connect with us.

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