A step-by-step guide to paying MCGM property tax online and offline


As a real estate owner in Mumbai, you must actively pay property taxes, a compulsory levy applicable to all property types, including residential and commercial properties. The collection of this tax falls under the responsibility of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

BMC provides both online and offline channels. The property tax Mumbai paid by owners will fund the development of infrastructure and services. Read on to find all the details about property tax in Mumbai.

How to calculate BMC property tax

The Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, also known as BMC, calculates the property tax based on the market value of the property, and they follow the capital value system to calculate the tax. Apart from market value, BMC considers other factors such as carpet area, use factor, age factor, floor, and occupancy.

Guidelines for paying property tax online

Here is a step-by-step guide to paying the BMC property tax online:

Step 1: Go to the BMC online portal and register

To start the online payment process, visit the official website of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). Look for the property tax payment section on the website's homepage.

Step 2: Calculate your property tax

  • After logging into the website, scroll down and select the property tax option from the left side of the page.
  • After that, the system will redirect you to another page that presents guidelines and options for applying for a new assessment. Additionally, you will find a CVS login and a tax calculator on the same page.
  • The BMC has an online property tax calculator that can help you calculate how much property tax you need to pay.
  • Enter information about your property, such as its type, age, and area. After completing the required details, the system will show you the property tax amount that you are required to pay.

Step 3: Enter your property details

  • Under the CVS login section, enter your "Property Account Number.". In case you don't remember it, it will be available on your previous tax receipts.
  • Once you have completed the captcha, click "Login."
  • After logging in, you need to enter your Know Your Customer (KYC) information if you haven't provided it already.

Step 4: Make the payment

  • After entering your property account number, select 'Make a payment'.
  • Fill out all of the necessary bank information to pay the outstanding MCGM property tax amount.
  • Select payment mode to complete the transaction.
  • After the payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation message from BMC.

Step 5: Download the property tax receipt

You can download the property tax receipt from the BMC portal once you have completed your online property tax payment in Mumbai. The property tax payment online Mumbai receipt is proof of payment, and it is essential to keep it secure.

Guidelines for paying property tax offline

Step 1: Visit the nearest BMC ward office

If you prefer to pay your property tax offline, visit the nearest BMC ward office.

Step 2: Collect the challan form

Collect a property tax payment challan from the counter. Fill in all the required information accurately, including your property address and the amount of taxes due.

Step 3: Submit challan and payment

After completing the challan form, take it to the designated counter. You can make the payment using cash, UPI, credit, or debit cards.

Step 4: Collect the receipt

Ensure that you collect the receipt from the BMC office once they have successfully processed your payment. Keep this receipt for future reference, as it serves as proof of payment.

The final word

Paying property taxes for those who own property in Mumbai can go through hassle-free process, whether done online or in person. Following the step-by-step instructions provided above ensures that you face no difficulties in paying your taxes on time. Be sure to make timely tax payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible for property tax exemptions?

A: Seniors and people with disabilities qualify for a 50% waiver. Additionally, payments made by May 31 will receive a 10% discount.

Q: Where can I find my property account number in Mumbai?

A: Utilise the search option on the home page by entering your ward number, billing name, and address to locate your property account number (PAN) on the BMC property tax portal in Mumbai.

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